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Gemini Technical Services was founded by Russ Ziskind in 2002 to service the IT needs of small and medium business in the Central New York Area.  Gemini Technical Services was established from the reorginization of AccuCom Computer Services, which Russ co-founded in 1994.  Gemini's service was expanded to serve customers in the Western New York Area in 2010.

Shared Vision

The motivations and incentives of many companies out there today supporting the computers, networks, and technology of small and medium businesses are not aligned with their customers.  Many of them charge by the hour, so they make money when you have a problem.  Gemini believes in forming a business relationship so that our motivation and incentive is aligned with our customers - if your systems are having a problem, that is a problem for BOTH of us.  This allows us to truly treat your network, systems, and people as if they were our own.

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