Are your computer
systems and data at risk?.

With  computers all around the world connected to each other, it leaves your systems open to risk such as data loss or data theft.  This is risk is easier to mange than you may think.

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What is Gemini?

Gemini is an IT Company with expertise in Cybersecurity, specifically in the small to medium business market


Why Gemini?

Gemini Has had over 25 years of experience manging the networks of small to medium business and knows what it takes to secure your valuable computers systems and information.


Why Do I need to worry about Cybersecurity?

Beyond the risk of have your systems comprimised, allowing loss or theft of you valuable data, there are regulations, such as the New York State Shield Act, that require you to protect data, such as any information your collect and/or store on employees, customers, or just members of the public


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